Aug 21, 2005

Hold Interview: The Many Voices of Carter Monroe

The inimitable and prolific Carter Monroe is publisher of Rank Stranger Press and knows, and moreover, wants to know, everything about poetry and poets. He's a profoundly humble name-dropper. In this interview alone, he mentions as influences / friends:

t.k. splake
Tim Peeler
Jim Chandler
Mark Hartenbach
Art Conspiracy

"Cait [Collins] really was what she aspired to be...Lady Buk."

Jeff Filipski
Ron Androla
Richard Brautigan
Jeffrey Little
Tim Earley
Bart Solarczyk

"When you hold the pages in your hand, [a book] comes alive." - Carter Monroe

Thelonious Monk and the crack in the diatonic scale

So, by virtue of mention, all these folks are also read by me.

Acoustic link-love.

One thing is for sure: Carter Monroe loves poets & poetry.



John Korn said...

I couldn't get this to work...


ron said...

it worked for me, & how! a great fantastic interview!

Jazzbo said...

Worked fine for me. Excellent interview of a fine writer, congrats to Jan and Carter.

John Korn said...

Got it. Good advice Carter.

The Faux Press said...

Hey fellas, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.

Good to see you here, Mr. Chandler. Don't you have some audio/visual works in your archive for The-Hold? Hmmm?


Anonymous said...

How do I get a copy of the book "Pot Poet" from Rank Stranger Press?

RSVP at:

Looking forward to it! Thanks.