Aug 18, 2005

Real Filmmaker Makes Poetry Collaboration

Watch movie 2.9 min 6.7 MB
(Original post, via 24x7)

If you're interested in poetry and moving images, this short video will tickle your funny- film- and poetry-bones equally.

Met the filmmaker - Robert - in Manhattan at a Videoblogging Group Meetup where he allowed as how his production of "Jabberwocky" was an experiment in collaboration in answer to the question of whether and how it would be possible to invite total strangers to participate in a poetry film.

The location for the film was Union Square in New York. At the intersection of Broadway and 14th Street, Union Square Park boasts, among other things, an enormous subway hub in its bowels and thus offered the production continuous undulating streams of potential "Jabberwocky" readers.

He says with a bit of something like disdain that he doesn't do interviews any more, but I'm hoping Rob will soon consent to an interview.

Here are the A/V interview questions I have for him:
  1. Where does the ego go in its dreams?
  2. Do a somersault.
  3. How do you hear?
In the meantime, check out Robert's site: 24x7.


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