Aug 12, 2005

Ron Androla's "Ocular Magnifier"

Androla is nothing if not prolific and active in the underground poetry scene. When I asked Ron to speak to the process of making "Ocular Magnifier" he wrote:
"[This poem is] from that intense end-of-a-nearly-2-decade marriage...i was no doubt at edge of a heart-attack... ["Ocular Magnifier"] is from BONGO MOON -- that was 1998. Kurt Nimmo produced it. If you want a sentence or two about the process of it, it was the same then as it is now: fuck if i know, what happens, happens. i live & i write & sometimes speak..." - Ron Androla
  • Check out Ron's bio and text-works HERE.
  • His most recent book is POT POET published by Rank Stranger Press/313 smith chapel road/mount olive, NC 28635 (32 pages, $8, checks made out to Charlie Whitley).
  • Forthcoming is POET HEAD: selected poems 2001-2005, 230 pages, perfect-bound, from Rank Stranger Press.
spoken word by ron androla, with kurt nimmo, jeff filipski, & others. aural textures mixed by the eyes of ibad. produced & directed by kurt nimmo in chicago il., 1998.
$20 postpaid
order directly from ron androla/2407 raspberry street/erie pa 16502



John Korn said...

If you don't have Bongo Moon, you don't have a worth while CD collection.


The Faux Press said...

I'm saving my pennies, Mr. Korn.