May 5, 2005

The-Hold: Dave Dembinski Sings

Dave Dembinski - the progenitor of The-Hold - was moved by the February 2005 passing of Cait Collins - to record a hymn in her honor. In the days and weeks following the death of Cait Collins, her family, friends, and Hold-folks grieved, no one more eloquently than Dave, whose hymn helped a lot of us find if not peace, then something less than pure grief or anger that whoever's in charge should deprive us so soon of Ms. All-That.

Felt obliged to re-publish this splendid tune for the community-at-large and for those to come.

When you hear Dave's voice you will know in a visceral way how Cait was loved and admired here.

Through his fine Thunder Sandwich 'zine, Jim Chandler hosts our collective poetic grief HERE.

As you'll hear in Ron Androla's interview, Dave started The-Hold, Cait kept it going, and now, Dave's back. Proof that things come & go around and around and around.

Dembinski is a singing computer geek who has a love/hate relationship with poetry.

Click HERE to hear Dave sing.

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John Korn said...

Alright Dave, nice work...