May 5, 2005

The-Hold Interviews Vlog Doyenne Ryanne Hodson

Vlog Expert / Teacher / Poet Ryanne Hodson

Ryanne Hodson was one of the first to appear the first day I searched the Internet for video poetry. When I saw her "Twenty-eight Days" video I was in awe and knew it would be important to share her and her fine work with you.

When we first met, Ryanne had just moved to New York and was looking for work as an editor. Since then she has found a niche teaching people how to use new media, including how to publish video content on the Internet - for free.
"I remember the first video project I did in college and I thought, 'This is how I translate my writing into something that is visual.'" - Ryanne Hodson
Check out Ryanne's Vlogsite. If you live in the New York metropolitan area (actually Ryanne travels the globe teaching vlogging), you might just be able to study Internet video with her! Ryanne is also one of the creators of, an online vlog course.
"This is what I've been looking for as a performer, as a writer and a video editor. I just found the perfect medium."
Through Ryanne's work I've become acquainted with a circle of amazing net artist / geeks who - together and separately - reinvent media production, content and distribution.

Download the Quicktime version HERE.


The Faux Press said...

Technical note: Sent Ryanne my interview questions via .mov file - wondering how she would deal the the "classic" interview shot. In keeping with what I am coming to know of her, she completely ignored the "classic" format and went with her own, direct-to-camera style.

Debated editing the two together, and what you see reflects the decision.

My hope is that is makes the viewer aware of one salient difference between 'old' and 'new' media techniques.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting interview,
and I'm glad I invested my time
watching it...

John Korn

The Faux Press said...

Hey, thanks for sayin'. I thought so, too. :)