May 5, 2005

The-Hold: Poet John Korn - "Eyeball Tears"

Poet John Korn

John Korn lives in Pittsburgh, never touched her, writes, draws, paints, and dabbles in audio.

He's been published in Positive & Negative Space, Words Dance, & Lilliput ( forthcoming). Not to mention in The-Hold.

When John first started playing with audio for "Eyeball Tears" he says, "I didn't like my own voice."

Since then, he's gotten to like it. I've heard his piece for No. 84 and yeah, he's gotten the hang of it. And how.

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The Faux Press said...

John, thanks for proving to be one of the interesting of the folks I met during the production of The-Hold No. 83. Glad to have gotten to know you. Keep makin' audio, yo!