May 9, 2005

The-Hold Interviews Ron Androla

Ron's writing desk, circa 1975.

Ron Androla's wife, Ann, in 1974.

Ron remembers meeting Cait Collins through the legendary late Michael McNeilley in the early days of the Internet; how Collins came to take hold of The-Hold from his nephew Dave Dembinski; cites evidence of Cait's wondrousness; reveals the patented sacramental Androla poetry process through his tenures at Point Park & Franconia Colleges; fondly recalls the mimeo revolution, not meeting Larry Eigner; and tells a pure fairytale love story.

Ron Androla's works can be seen HERE at his Pressure Press, where he's got an amazing active underground poetry board and HERE.

Ron works hard and writes. And writes. And writes. Ron says of himself:

"ron androla has mostly always lived in western pennsylvania, tho has also lived in seattle, college park, maryland, lugano, switzerland, ajaccio, corsica, & on the moon titan too. he's been active in the underground poetry world since the late 1970's with over 40 chapbooks published, & publishing credits he has never taken the time to remember & list. ron has at least a dozen unpublished poetry manuscripts. he's married to ann. his kids, rachel & doug, are grown. his grandsons are dominic & christian. ann & ron share their house with a big black dog, bangles, & a fat black cat, max. they have 2 red jeeps. he works at a factory in erie. he's 50. ron hates writing this bio because he doesn't really know what the fuck to say except: i'm a poet."


John Korn said...

Ron... I never suspected... enlightening interview

The Faux Press said...

Hey, John,

Ron's an amazing fella, no?

And, it's a great love story.