May 2, 2005

The-Hold Interviews Coffee House TV Producer Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen created Rockville Maryland's Coffee House TV on a dare.

Here's Mark's story of how visual arts, music, dance, health, religion, public affairs & poetry came to be on Rockville Maryland's community television station.

More than that (from CH TV's website):
"The Coffee House is the most frequently telecast TV show in Montgomery County, MD (12 times a week for 12 hours)! Plus, the show airs repeatedly each month in DC and Baltimore, and in Prince George's, Arlington, Fairfax, Howard, Anne Arundel and Carroll Counties as well as Philadelphia."

Mark uses poetry spots as public service announcements that make, ". . . a significant contribution to the cultural life of the community."

Mentioned in the interview are Holly Bass, Reuben Jackson, DJ Renegade, Lori Tsang.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, we're tickled blue to have Mark & his collection of Coffee House TV poets join

If you live in or around the Baltimore / Washington / Philadelphia metropolitan areas, check your local listings for Coffee House TV and support their efforts to brighten the spotlight on cultural & community affairs.

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