Jul 12, 2008

Fan Letter :: a Video-Love-Poem to Charles Bukowski and Cait Collins

Cait and Chas are getting toasted in heaven together. Count on it.

Also, for Raymond K.

POST NOTE: Re-vlogging this because I'm a fan of Raymond, who's a fan of Emily, and I'm a fan of Emily's dad, who wrote the first comedy-for-the-page that made me laugh out loud. Found John Mortimer courtesy of my maternal grandfather, whom I loved, and who loved Mortimer's humor. I'm also a fan of Hugh MacLeod who turned me on to "Young Adam," one of my favorite films, and in which Ms. Mortimer appears.


hugh macleod said...

Cool. Dave Mackenzie, the director of Young Adam was in town last week. We partied hard ;-)

Robert said...

!! This is absolutely wonderful.

Recently re-watched John Mortimer's 1982 TV adaptation of his play, A Voyage Round My Father, with Laurence Olivier as Mortimer's father. Fantastic.

Jan McLaughlin said...

Ah, glad to hear you're still in touch with Mr. Mackenzie, Hugh.

And Robert, will find that Mortimer flick somewhere to see. Thanks for the heads up.