Jun 26, 2006

Prufrock and Other Observations::T.S. Eliot

The gift of one of my favorite poems from Mr. Eliot.

I understand it more now - at 50 - than at 17 when I first discovered and read it.

Ah. Good.



Jay King said...

So many podcasts I download and think nothing of zapping afterwards. Your Prufrock (et al) is not among them. I'll save this and listen to it often. You do the poems great service, Jan.

I especially appreciate your including the "Other Observations," which are often overlooked. Your voice gives seperate lives to each and it's clear they have spoken to you.

Having also enjoyed and read aloud Prufrock from an early age (mid-20s, not as early as you), and having also passed the big 5-0, I also hear much more than I once did. I almost read Prufrock on AudioLingo, but decided I needed a few more years to further digest it. It always bothered me that Eliot recited the poem in that old sing-song style that was so common for his time. You avoided that and it sounds much truer to the poem. I may try myself one day, but I doubt I could do it as well as you.

Brava, my dear.

The Faux Press said...

Thank you for saying. This poem surely changed my life every time I heard it. Glad you will keep it.