Apr 9, 2006

The-Hold's Commitment to All the Arts

Paul Rogers dances.

What is the difference between a poem and a dance?

Not much.

What Paul gives me here is one of the most precious gifts I've gotten lately: his trust and his joy.

This was an exercise in collaboration and one of my favorite short films of the 200 + made lately, to be sure.

What is piracy?

What is the creative commons?

And shouldn't poets be able to use any music they darned well please because it's the best music to support the work?

"I should very much like to pay Ennio Morricone for the use of his music. Who gives money to the poet filmmaker? The universe gives it. That's the universe's job." - Anonymous Poet



John said...

hey he didn't get naked and roll in the leaves. what a gip.

The Faux Press said...

Yeah - you got a point there, John. At the same time, it was something like 28 degrees, so I cut him a big break on that account. LOL.

John said...

you were easy one him! there should be more poeple here! maybe I can get more eventually... :P

The Faux Press said...

Hehehehe. Yeah. You're right, I *was easy on him. But then, I'm easy.