Apr 28, 2006

The-Hold::Ludwig's "Can Poetry Matter" by Stephen Dobyns

I love Stephen Dobyns' work. Yes, I do. Especially his novel "Cold Dog Soup".

Here's a link to the Internet Archive from whence this reading comes. You can check out Ludwig's other readings there, too.

I'm just saying: the funniest, most strange work of fiction I've read, ever, and the first book I read that made me think about turning a book into a movie. It's been done! Cool.



John said...

the movie is not that good. I love that book! Stephen Dobyns is a nut case. very odd man and I love his writings...

The Faux Press said...

Yeah. Difficult to do much better than that. Of his ilk I consider Paul Auster, tho Mr. Auster is not my favorite poet...he more than makes up with it in his prose.