Jul 4, 2005

Bridges - a Video Poem


This videopoem was created having taken all the video footage of bridges I could muster while driving NYC --> DC --> NYC.

The poem was improvised while watching the edited footage.

- Jan McLaughlin

Music by the Tord Gustavsen Trio, seen in concert while in D.C. His new album was the sound track for this brief road trip.


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The Faux Press said...

Wrote to Tord with words of thanks for having written the perfect soundtrack of life-in-the-roadtrip, and asking if he thought it would be okay for me to use a tune of his for this videopoem.

He wrote back (golly neds, I love the Internet):

Dear Jan,

Thank you so much for your inspiring response to our music!

Unfortunately, I cannot grant permission to use our recordings
myself, even in a non-commercial setting - it involves the record
company, and they will be strict on things like this. So, if the
music will be publicly accessible on the net, and downloadable or
streaming in high quality, it's not ok. If it's a short excerpt of a
tune, or if it's done in a way that it can not be downloaded or
copied in high quality while streaming, it's another matter...



May I say that his music is the perfect thing to listen to while writing.