May 10, 2005

The-Hold: Diamond Dave Whitaker Sees the Sky - Video Poetry

Diamond Dave Whitaker at work

Whitaker reads a series of poems juxtaposed over amazing skies.

Listened to this piece half a dozen times and think these poems somehow will accompany me always.

[insert Diamond Dave Whitaker biographical information here]

Video by René Amini.

René Amini (aka Renegade Rene) is an artist who realized in 1998 that if she put her paintings up online, more people would get a chance to see them. Originally from Texas, she brought her DIY cowgirl attitude to San Francisco in 1988, where she makes art, blogs and videos and participates in online community building.

"I love San Francisco - it's a vortex of culture and counterculture, spinning around in a seismic hotbed of avant-garde progressive thinkers."

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